Our Staff

Liz Earnest, Founder and President

What I can do is turn a vision into reality – whether it is mine or yours. I believe that knowing how I came to found The Chef’s Garden serves as a testament to what The Chef’s Garden can offer you. I have always had a talent for entertaining and did so for many years, but after my daughter went away to college, I was inspired to do something professionally. I reflected upon my past hassles and worries planning social and corporate events for friends and realized how I could make the end result a more stress free success for others. Today, I have a staff of talented event planners and culinary experts — as well as relationships with the best vendors in the area — that makes me want to brag; but instead, I want to make you brag.

Jennifer Corrente – Executive Director

In college I worked for a very innovative catering and event planning company in Miami. During this time, I realized that my future was in the event industry. While years have passed, my time is Miami imbued we with a sense of inspiration that still infuses many of the events I help create today. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone realize his/her vision and turn it into a tangible reality. Many of my clients are busy professionals, devoted parents or both, and for them planning an event seems more daunting than dreamlike. I help my clients create wonderful, lasting memories — and enjoy the process — what can be more fun than that!

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